Connecting and Building up 20s/30s year olds in Norfolk

Emerge Groups

Our dream at Emerge is that no one aged 18 – late 30s would feel they are the only person of their age in the church at large in Norfolk.

We want to find every Young Adult focused small group in the region and invite them to become an Emerge group.  This information is particularly useful for young adults in rural areas where there may be very few people of this age group in their church location.  We want to connect these fellowship groups to individuals looking for fellowship.

What are Emerge Groups

square-logoEmerge is a network of loosely affiliated fellowship groups for people 18 – late 30s that meet mid week.

There is an old saying that Coals burn brightly when they are with other coals and go dark and cold when they are taken out.  This is the same for Christians.

With the desire to see no one of the ‘lost generation’ lost, we  setup a network with the aim that young adult small groups that already happen all around the county  would be able to connect into and enable themselves to be known for those who do not have a regular place of fellowship and discipleship mid week with their peers.

But what about the local church?
We love the local church, in fact we think it is the hope of the world, and thats why it is important to keep the younger generation connected and serving their local church but whilst also having the opportunity to receive else where as well.  Many young adults find themselves isolated in rural places, but like any place we are called, its important we love the place we are at.  Emerge is very intentional about encouraging young adults to stay at their home churches and live out mission in their villages.  When young adults from rural locations connect into small groups, we ensure that the church that the Emerge group is connected to knows there is no expectation that anyone needs to leave their home church.  These groups are for growing and encouraging people who feel they need some where amongst their peers they can connect to.


What happens at an Emerge group?

Every group maybe different in its format but all will have some aspect of teaching and bible study,  social times and prayer.

Young Adults Weekend

The young adults retreat is an opportunity to gather together all of the Emerge groups in the region together to celebrate God’s goodness and everything he has been doing.  It’s also a time to meet other young adults in the area and find ways we can do mission together especially in rural locations where mission is often difficult because of too few missionaries that share a vision.

The weekend will consist of worship, teaching and workshops at a centre in mid Norfolk.

The date is the 2nd – 4th of September 2016

For more information email: goodtoknow@gmail.com

Facebook Group

Here are the seminars and speakers over the weekend.

You can download the whole Guide book with runsheet here:
Young Adults Weekend Guide

Some more info for your time at the weekend:
Food: Breakfast bits are provided, and lunch is available in the Cafe area. The
BBQ will be available on Saturday evening if you want to grill-your-own. Self
Catering is welcome or there is a Fish and Chip shop in Mattishall.
Children: We want to try and provide provision for parents of young children and
will have an area next to the main meeting room during the evening sessions.
Dogs: We recommend not bringing dogs as the farm dog (Megan) loves people
but not other dogs.
Litter: Its super important to remove all litter from the farm. Please use bins
correctly (Black is Bad Landfill and Green is Good Recycling!) or take home waste
where you can.
Camping: You are very welcome to camp or come and go each day as you wish
for the same ticket price. Doors open for tents at Midday on the 2nd Sept and
please back down on evening of the 4th Sept.
Toilets: There is an indoor toilet in the barn (off limits evening meetings), a portaloo
and the eco composting toilets down with the round house.


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